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Koreatown Pico Union Community of Schools

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    Resources and Information for Families

    Dear Los Angeles Unified Families,

    I am writing to provide you with an update on the strike our labor partners have announced, scheduled for March 21-23. SEIU Local 99 and UTLA, who represent the majority of our school site workforce, have stated they will not be at school sites on these days. We have prepared resources to minimize the impact on learning and sustain crucial services for students.

    I have invited the leadership of SEIU Local 99 to come back to the table, where seats are open and waiting. I intend to keep the line of communication open until we exhaust all options to prevent a strike. If the strike is carried out, all schools will be forced to close due to health and safety reasons. We are doing everything we can to reach an agreement that is equitable, financially responsible and respects the dignity of our tremendous employees.

    We encourage you to begin discussions with your employer, child care providers and others now. Know that we are working around the clock to provide learning opportunities and coordinate meal distributions. This is neither perfect nor ideal, but it is our best effort given the constraints before us.

    Your principals will communicate how to access necessary resources. Please visit for our Family and Student Resource Guide and real-time information. We will provide daily updates to keep you informed.

    We understand the negative impact a strike would have on families. As a District whose top priority is education and safety, we will continue to support your children to accelerate their learning while we work to reach an agreement that prevents a strike.


    Alberto M. Carvalho




    Welcome to the Koreatown/Pico Union Community of Schools Website!

    We are so excited to launch this platform for our entire community of parents and students to connect and stay informed. Our goal is to ensure that all stakeholders and other members of our community can access needed information to optimize the academic success of all our students. Below you will find the latest news about our community of schools, resources on how to best support our students throughout the school year, answers to frequently asked questions and further information about the schools of Koreatown/Pico Union.

    Our innovative educators and leaders have risen to the challenge to provide the most rigorous, standards-aligned learning experiences for our students in the Koreatown/Pico Union community of schools. We understand the complexities that are faced by all stakeholders in the community and are profoundly proud of all members of the community to engage and innovate with distance learning with such poise and capacity.

    Our instructional support team continues to advance and augment instructional practices for our schools. Our current instructional foci are: listening and speaking for understanding and contributing across content areas, the use of backwards planning in our unit design, and preparation for assessments. While we continue to have mandated assessments, I want to reiterate the notion that these assessments are for the purpose of understanding and gauging current student performance so that we can understand current gaps in students knowledge and the appropriate instructional strategies to use for student remediation and enrichment. In essence, the assessment is “assessing to teach”.

    Dr. Chiae Byun-Kitayama
    Community of Schools Administrator





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